Why do doctors say CBD is ground-breaking?

Why do doctors say CBD is ground-breaking?

Why is CBD considered a breakthrough?

Doctors define it as a medical breakthrough for epileptic patients and people with joint problems and migraines.

Lately it seems that the most discussed alternative medical solution is CBD, that had its creation can affect several medical symptoms.

Although the name is common amongst people who suffer from joint problems, the most asked question is – what is CBD oil?

What is CBD and how is it different from the famous Cannabis?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, an ingredient originally from the Cannabis plant.

In spite of its origins, this ingredient has nothing to do with the "high" feeling.

The oil' produced for several medical purposes, contains a leveled amount of the active ingredient in marijuana, the THC.

Because of the precise measured amount, the oil does not bring side affects that affect the state of consciousness, and is actually safe for use by patients who suffer different pains.


How does it help?

Many epileptic patients have claimed the CBD oil has decreased their spasms by 23%. This especially true for children with severe spasms such as Dravet Disorder.

Latest news show that new cannabis users have excellent personal results, like Matt and Paige Figi’s daughter, who used CBD oil as a last option for reducing her epileptic seizures.

The oil can also assist with nutritional problems. As stated by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The active ingredient in cannabis oil comes in contact with with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies (ECS), a coplex system that contributed to different biologic processes like immune responses, sleep, moods and appetites. Although the known use of CBD is mainly for epileptic patients, it also helps reduce the pain for the elderly, cancer patients, and different patients, and is very similar to the affects of marijuana on those patients.

Proven results are already seen in several researches, an addition to testimonials.

Thus, the best answer to the question "what is CBD?" is oil produced from cannabis, but it is important to point that it is not typical marijuana.

Doctors don’t know the exact reason, but from patients experience, it seems that CBD reduces pain for all types of patients, with an extraordinary effect on epilepsy.

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