Is 2016 Warmest Year Ever? – According to NASA – Yes.

Is 2016 Warmest Year Ever? – According to NASA – Yes.

NASA revealed that 2016 has been the hottest year till date – on record; right after September warmest datain contemporary temperature monitoring.

The discoveries follow record-breaking monthly irregularitiesduring the year 2016 – leading the agency (NASA) to accept that due to the high tempsreported; the year would lead as warmest in its 136 years of advanced data-keeping.

Below is a tweet from Dr. Schmidt, the director of NASA Institute for Space Studies:

Gavin Schmidt – @ClimateOfGavin- With data now available through September, 2016 annual record (~1.25ºC above late 19th C)

2016 was the hottest year ever since the inception of modern records started. It pooled together a strong El Niño episode, which is a Pacific weather situation impact seas &air temperatures all over the globe; and also by strong causal trends.

Before then – 2015 was eyed as going to be the warmest year until the El Niño came up in 2016!

The year’s temperature was deeply impacted by theEl Niño weather occurrence, and though the system is now dissolute, air temperatures tend to gap behind by quite a few months.

The monthly reports from NASA come from overtlyaccessible data from around 6,300 meteorological base points around the globe, and also with measurements taken from ships &buoys at sea, & research stations at the Antarctic.

Other agencies publishing temp records include: US National Oceanic agency, UK’s Met Office, &Atmospheric Administration &Japan’s Meteorological Agency!