How to look like a Movie Star on a Budget – best ideas

How to look like a Movie Star on a Budget – best ideas

Everyone wants to look their best and looking like a movie star or celebrity is something almost everyone fantasizes. To look like a movie star can be attained on a budget and that’s the purpose for this article!
So let’s get it started:

The Dressing
Going for an event? You need to first know about the dress code for the day. This knowledge will help you meet the expectations required for it – whether it’s a red carpet event or just a casual setting.
You want to strike admiration – then keep up with a beautiful skirt, a nice shirt combo or make it up with a classy dress pants.

If it’s a cocktail – this would require attire that’s a much shorter dress and that will help add some flair to highlight your personality. You can put on a long, floor-length gown to make the night flow for you like a celeb!
Any of these combinations can be gotten for less than $100 and much very less when you shop on discount stores online.

While dressed, don’t push too hard. We know you want to stand out, but avoid overdoing it and try to make it flow easy in your direction. Don’t ever overdress for the occasion or wear so many accessories. Just keep it simple.
Mimic your favorite movie star. You can look out for one whose appearance – you really like. With this – you can easily pull off the look and act.

Getting it right with accessories:
Put on the ideal shades. Large and bold sunglasses have been highlighted by several celebs in movies and when you wear the right one – you can easily pull off a movie star styled-appearance. Such eye-shade should be big enough to keep away from the paparazzi, however brilliantly stylish to pull some attention.
Get along with a large wide rounded signature hat as this is one of the accessories celebs use to stand out in their looks. It will definitely jazz up your casual look!

Go for beautiful high heel shoes as a lady and a nice flats or biker for the guys. Just ensure whatever you wear matches with the clothing.

You can shop for your needed items to look really good by saving for them and by buying at discount stores.
Remember to style your hair as closely looking as your preferred celeb or anything that’s in vogue for the period!