How to grow your own avocado tree

How to grow your own avocado tree

Avocados are special fruits and one of those awesome summer fruits that is fully rich in nutrition and flavor.
Well for the purpose of this content, please when next you slice an avocado for a salad or any other meal purpose – try to save the (pit) seeds as this will help you grow more avocado trees for more delicious fruits.
So how do you grow an avocado tree? We will show you below:

First bring out the PIT and clean it
The first thing you should do is to carefully bring out the pit out from the avocado fruit. Then wash it clean making sure you wash off the fruit around it. Do it gently and don’t go removing the brown skin on the pit as this serves as the shield.

You need to find out the Up and Down Point
While several avocado species and their pits come in diverse shapes, all of them actually do come with a ‘bottom’ point (the exact point where the roots will breed), and then a ‘top’ point (where the sprout will shoot out from). Note very carefully – that the slightly pointier end remains the top point while the flatter end stays as the bottom. To have a fruitful venture here, you have to place the bottom root end in water!

Proceed to pierce with 4 toothpicks
With these 4 toothpicks, stick them at a downward angle within the seed, and space them evenly around the seed perimeter. The toothpicks serve as the avocado scaffolding, which helps in supporting the bottom half of the seed in water.

Place the seed half underwater
You do this &set it on a quiet spot with sunlight access. Preferably utilize a clear glass so you can ideally view the roots as it starts growing. You can change the water every 3 days to prevent mold growth.

Time to wait for it to sprout!
You have to be really patient here as it takes around 2 to 6 weeks to get a sprout – contingent on the specie.

At this stage, you can now transfer it to a rich soil outdoor for more space and remember that the more sunlight – the better!

Keep watering it and watching it grow
Yellowing leaves reveal that you are over-watering the plant, so do it moderately.

Now you have a ‘growing avocado’ tree. You can expect fruits from when it is 3 or 4 years old, though some other species produce from 15+ years.