How to be safe with online dating

How to be safe with online dating

Online dating can be really fun as it brings folks from different backgrounds to connect for relationship basis. While it is so easy to navigate thru online dating sites and clicking to chat with that beautiful lady or handsome guy on the other end of another computer, you have to be really careful.

There are thousands and millions of people registered on diverse internet dating sites – hence among these – there are packs of wolves & angels.
In case you are new to online dating – it would be wise of you – if you knew some fundamental online dating safety tips that will help you get it right, and not become a victim!
So let’s get these started:

You have to know the person you are chatting with:
It doesn’t matter if you are chatting thru a dating app – just do your best to be aware of the volume of details provided by the folks you are chatting with.
If you recognize that the person you are chatting with has nominal info about herself/himself – or displays just one grainy photograph – it could be a sign that they might not be who they truly say they are.

Leave a trace
Online dating should be beyond just chatting and ‘laughing out loud’  thru the keyboards. After a few days chat, make the next move to get the other person’s phone details. This is because you need to speak with that person to confirm if he or she conforms to what you feel/think. Who knows, you could be chatting with a man who is just posing as a woman!

Check the person’s social media profile 
Don’t take this for granted as it will help you discover more facts about the person you intend dating. You should go online and verify that person’s identity before ever meeting him or her, and two of the easiest channels to do so are Facebook and Twitter. Other channels exist where these are not applicable – (Some Asian countries like China don’t use Facebook).

This approach will help you recognize that he or she is a “real person” prior to proceeding with a date/meeting.

Follow your instinct
In case you have any doubt about the person, quickly disconnect from him or her and move on for safety reasons. Know that you are not under any obligation to meet anyone, notwithstanding the length of time you’ve been chatting with him or her.

The meeting place 
If you have come this far, and have arranged for a meeting with the other person; please choose the meeting place to be a neutral location. As much as possible – never accept a date at the other person’s house until you have known him or her really that much.
Don’t even invite the person to come pick you up in their car at your home. You shouldn’t allow anyone know your home details just within 24 hours of meeting you online.

We believe these few dating tips above should keep you in check with safety! Ride cool