Greatest crowdfunding projects for 2017

Greatest crowdfunding projects for 2017

Crowdfunding has helped a lot of businesses to grow out of the dark and with so many platforms online – a lot of great ideas have had their wings buttered to fly so that new feasible and life changing products and services reach out to humanity (for their good and progress).

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns are some of the most popular crowdfunding channels that have different folks and angel investors supporting intriguing designs and projects on yearly basis.

So below are some of the greatest crowdfunding projects that are making waves for 2017:

A perfectly simple to use and very light electrified bike wheelpulled the games a promise that it could electrify just any bike within a minute or less. This was well funded and in overall serves as a really exciting design.

This one ideas is really cool – we mean the Ottolock, which is an ultralight option designed for bike security. This operates more like a big zip-tie & asserts that it could resist cutting &theft a lot much better.

Then we have FormBoxwhich captured a lot of attention & loads of support from crowdfunding with their small-scale vacuum former.  The project owners also came up with an Affordable Desktop Waterjet

Mr. Tom’s well-funded book The Sketching Processobviously pulled the strings and caught everyone’s attention (those who came across it). In 2017 – this is spreading all over Australia like fire.

Another one that pulled loads of support from crowdfunding and that is very relevant in 2017 is the Dieter Rams documentary

And then the highly appealing & distinctive Noria AC unitkept heads tuned and captured. Folks crave for its minimal shape & additional smart engineering. Not even the winter chill cantake away the glory of this awesome design.

Drawing in 3D took a new approach and here some gurus decided to redefine how it should really be done. So with years of developing the Gravity Sketch– the gurus took their Virtual Reality app to Kickstarter to announce to everyone how the future will look.

And then out of nowhere – this great talented army veteran who is also a trained mechanical engineer from MIT launched a tiny multitool we never dreamed was needed until now.

Going further, we have one that is yet hot for the period and this is an outstanding bottle slicer.

And lastly – we have this bubbling hot in 217 – the unique Toasteroid, a really smart toaster that helps to also print weather data and texts.