From Asado to Taxi Fare – Everything You Need To Know About Money in Argentina

From Asado to Taxi Fare – Everything You Need To Know About Money in Argentina

Did you know that trying to get small bills in the lovely country of Argentina is the same like trying to avoid a dog poop on the sidewalk of Buenos Aires? It’s almost impossible. However, because spending down 100 pesos strikes terror and loathing into porteños, for sure, you will need some strategies for a small bill to acquire.

Currency Exchange

The delight of changing money in Argentina is the same with the pleasure of changing money in any other countries. It will give you a lot of pain.

  • Do not exchange your money at the airport. Make sure that you save some of them just enough for a taxi fare, as the exchange rate at the airport is quite awful.
  • Know the exchange rate very well. Before you leave, you can check out Yahoo Currency Converter and print out a helpful pocket guide along with the current exchange rate. Bear in mind that the acronym for Argentine Peso is ARS.
  • Bring new bills with you. When you try to exchange something old and tear money, they won’t accept it. Apart from that, smaller bills seem to be less terrifying than a stack of hundred dollars.

ATMs in Argentina

You need to remember that you can bring around 1000 pesos every day. When you try and trick it and use another ATM, expect that they will tell you you’ve already withdrawn the daily limit. Therefore, if you know you’ll need a huge amount of money for something, you need to plan ahead of time. Apart from that, you should take out the full limit at all times because your Argentina bank and the home bank will charge you a cost.

Credits Cards

The majority of places in Argentina take credit card. It’s a good idea to make use of a Capital One Visa or maybe a card, which does not charge extra fees abroad. If you call your credit card, make sure to inform them that you are traveling, ensure to ask regarding the international fees as well. Plus, every time you’re in a restaurant, do not forget to bring with you small bills for tipping, and for shopping purposes, many will offer you a 10% discount if you use cash.

Tips to Consider:

  • Do not bother trying to get change at stores and banks as they don’t like that
  • Every time you exchange cash, insist on using the small bills as possible. Hand back the hundreds and make them offer you to change
  • Pay for items at Super Mercado through large bills and pretend that it is all you have. They seem to have changed at all times

Even though the money system in Argentina is quite weird, there’s no need for you to be scared. The locals are amazing, like anywhere in the globe. Getting pissed over once or twice is part of the whole travel experience. Just seek comfort that karma will get them. Just be confident and believe that you can deal with it effectively.