Football fan? These are the world’s greatest football stadiums/Museums to visit

Football fan? These are the world’s greatest football stadiums/Museums to visit

This content reveals some of the world’s greatest soccer stadiums and museums that you can gladly pay a visit by yourself or with a loved one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a match day or not – they always exude history & a great atmosphere to be in.
So let’s get this started:

The La Bombonera stadium, Argentina
This is one of the best soccer clubs in Argentina that will soak you up with the extreme sporting experience you could ever hope to capture. When games are scheduled to be played on this field, the entire La Boca working class group congregate here as the field is completely lit, with drums dramatically beaten, confetti showered, and the entire area filled with celebration as a game of football is played. Pay this location a visit and you will love it!

MCG, Australia
This one holds a world-class stadium and a museum and is quite very popular worldwide to football fans. You can visit the MCG stadium and museum any time of the year and gracefully tour the awesome facilities and side attractions it presents to visitors.

If you want to get the real groove of this place – then think about visiting it during events such as the Boxing Day Test & AFL Grand Final. Occasions as this pool together over 100,000 fans cheering Australian sport games at its finest.

The Maracana, Brazil
This location offers you the right atmosphere to appreciate. This is Rio de Janeiro stadium for football that holds 80,000 fans capacity. It hosted one of the FIFA World Cup final. As a visitor – you can keep a date with this location as there are scheduled tours that are accessible on non-match days. If you can find yourself into this place during a football match – then the memory of what you will see will stay with you forever as you take view of Brazilians cosseting in what crosses over into religious game display. Really an interesting colorful sight to behold!

The Anfield, United Kingdom
This is one of U.Ks most famous & historic stadiums that is always packed full with the Reds faithful. You can visit this location outside of match days – including a visit to the Liverpool dressing room among others.

The Azteca Stadium, Mexico
This is actually the 6th largest stadium in the world and hosts a capacity of 105,000 people. This stadium has also hosted 2 FIFA World Cup finals. This is the famous site that had Diego Maradona display his “Hand of God” scoring technique.