Best Tokyo Tourist Apps You MUST Have

Best Tokyo Tourist Apps You MUST Have

Japan is rich with exciting places, culture, and cuisine. It is one of the best countries in Asia to spend your vacation. However, if you are going to travel to the amazing city, it would be best for a tourist to have the best apps to use in your Japan Tour. Every tourist requires excellent apps to make his or her Japan tour a smooth and exciting one.

Here are Best Tokyo Tourists Apps every tourist should have:

1. Hyperdia
If you are traveling by train in Japan, this is one of the best apps you should take. It would help know the name of your training and the location it is heading. It also tells you if you the place you are heading to are near. In other words, this app is the perfect traveler’s companion if you are traveling by train in your tours in Japan. There is no reason to get lost in locating to board because Hyperdia would locate it for you.

2. Tokyo Handy Guide 
If you want to make your sightseeing in a Japan a happy and easy one, the Tokyo Handy Guide would make it easy for you to know the notable places to visit in Japan. It will show you map maps and information of the places or tourist spots you want to visit. Aside from these, it comes in different kind of languages such a Chinese, English, Korean and much more.

3. Sushi Dictionary 
For those who love sushi, this app is the perfect friend to bring in any sushi restaurant. It would give you a fast and easy translation of the menu and other Japanese terms you are not familiar with. The dictionary is very helpful in making your stay in a Japan a good one. Eating sushi would be the best experience if you have this app with you.

4. Kanji Google 
If you have some hard time translating Japanese characters, this app would make it easy for you. By taking the picture of the Japanese character, it would translate it into English. In taking the pictures of the places, you see in Japan, the app would make sure that you would understand the texts you are seeing. Thus, taking the app with you during sightseeing would ensure you would have a great tour in your Japan Tour.

Finding restaurants in Japan could be a tough one so you need to have the right app for this. This app would help you in locating the nearest restaurants in the area as well as the right food prices. Aside from this, it would give you right information about the specific restaurant you should see or dine in. In its advanced search features, you will not find any trouble in searching the restaurants that would meet your preferences.
Traveling in Japan could be done in a cool and exciting way. These Best Tokyo Apps would help you achieve the best experience in your Japan Tour. With these, seeing the beautiful places in Japan would be an easy one to make.