Be The Best YOU – Top diets review

Be The Best YOU – Top diets review

With so many diet options everywhere online, it can be hard to select from such a wide list and getting the perfect diet that will suit you.
For this reason, we have provided this article as the top diets review content – so you can, be the best you!
So let’s get this started:

The 5:2 diet program
The 5:2 diet system is centered around intermittent fasting (IF). With it, you get to consume meals generally for 5 days in the week & then you fast for the other 2 days. While this is a great program for losing weight, it has also proven to help boost lifespan & brain function. It also helps to shield against conditions like Alzheimer & dementia disease among others.

5:2 diet Pros:
Going with the fasting for only 2 days in a week is easily obtainable – hence you will find it easy to persevere with the program & successfully lose weight.

5:2 diet Cons:
For those who can’t keep up with the 2 days, this might cause some dizziness, irritation or headaches and dehydration among others.

The Dukan diet program:
With the dukan diet program comes a low-carb – high-protein diet. You also have no limit to the volume of meals you can consume during the program’s 4 phases, as far as you stick with the rules.

Dukan diet Pros:
With this diet plan – anyone can quickly shed some weight – which can truly be inspiring. The system is really stringent & prescriptive. It comes really basic and easy to follow through.

Dukan diet Cons:
When you begin this, you may experience bad breath, tiredness, dizziness, or nausea among others as side effects. Also cutting off on whole grains, veggies & fruits at the onset of the diet could spark up issues like constipation.

The Paleo diet:
The paleo diet is quite famous and is commonly viewed as a low carb, high protein diet!
Experts mention that the paleo diet is a long-term diet routine that has the capacity to help anyone shed some weight & also minimize the risk of cancer, diabetes, among other health issues.

Paleo diet Pros:
The paleo diet program motivates you to consume less processed meals & have more of fruit & veggies. Minimizing your intake of high-calorie meals will help lose some weight. Its flexibility makes it so easy to stick to – hence a fan of this is much likely to be successful.

Paleo diet Cons:
The program is impossible to engage with without consuming organic meat, eggs and seafood – making it a no-no for vegetarians!

New Atkins diet
With the New Atkins diet – comes the promise to transform your body into a fat burning system. It is based on starving oneself of carbs – so the person’s body will start burning fat for energy. At the 1st phase of this program, you will be on a protein-rich diet without restraints on fat & then with an everyday carb permission of 20g to 25g. Its following stages come more slowly & with consistent exercise recommended. The program is designed to help you lose up to 15lb in just 2 weeks during phase one and continuously as other phases proceed.

New Atkins diet Pros:
It can help anyone lose weight very swiftly and such is inspiring. It advises on cutting out on carbs & alcohol. The diet appeals to almost everyone.

New Atkins diet Cons:
Side effects might comprise dry mouth, feeling of dizziness, insomnia & tiredness among others.