7 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets You Should Know

7 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets You Should Know

Celebrities – they are not the same like us. When we are considering to drop some pounds, we immediately head to the gym for a fast workout several times a week. On the other hand, celebrities spend a wonderful part of their lives concentrating on intense and extreme fitness diets and regimens to look perfect always. Most of the times, nevertheless, they tend to take it to intense, which are quite amazing.

Here is the list of the seven weight loss secrets you should know right at the moment:

1. Lunar Diet for Madonna
Did you know that Madonna forgets about eating like a caveman? In case you didn’t know yet, the Lunar Diet is composed of timing the meals in accordance to the phases of the moon. Seemingly, you could lose 6 pounds within one day period on the diet. Unluckily, this weird theory does not pan out, as the pounds are possibly because of losing water weight that you would gain back almost right away.

2. Facial Analysis Diet 
On the other hand, Kate Winslet hides her pregnancy weight along with Facial Analysis diet made by the sought after nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud. The evidence is that differently shaped faces need several diets, and those facial imperfections like large pores and forehead wrinkles can indicate dietary needs.

3. Grapefruit Oil 
Carmen Electra allegedly brings a vial of grapefruit oil with her every day sniffing it every time hunger strikes. But no research tells that grapefruit oil has an appetite-suppressing property.

4. Watercress Soup Diet
Elizabeth Hurley was known to use the Watercress Soup Diet, a soup that normally consists of light chicken stocks, onions, salt, pepper, and big bunches of watercress.

5. The Bleak Diet
Perhaps, you are aware that way back 2007, Mariah Carey informed reporters that she had dropped 2 dress sizes through following a “Bleak Diet” made around soup and fish prepared blandly, means no butter or oil. On the good side, the diet put emphasis on the lean protein that is a good and healthy choice. However, neglecting the flavor makes for a dull diet, which tends to prove hard to stick over the long term.

6. The Vinegar Shots
Fergie and Meghan Fox have claimed that they take vinegar shots – normally 3 times every day, before every meal for the sake of weight loss. Many advocates conclude that vinegar removes fats in the colon, aiding the body in digesting food while curbing for cravings.

7. The Master Cleanse
The sought after singer and mother Beyonce utilized Master Cleanse to drop around 20 pounds for her role in the amazing “Dreamgirls” in 2006. The diet is composed of laxatives, water, and not-quite lemonade. That denotes 4 cups of salt water every morning, 6 – 12 glasses of lemonade throughout the day and a cup of herbal laxative tea during night.
There you have it, the seven celebrity weight loss secrets you should know. There’s no wrong if you want to follow these weight loss secrets of these celebrities, just make sure that you maintain a regular exercise and healthy diet.