5 Greatest Soccer Fantasy Websites You Gotta Check Out!

5 Greatest Soccer Fantasy Websites You Gotta Check Out!

If you are one of those soccer addicts out there, you might be aware about soccer fantasy websites. You could leave your coaching years many years ago, as fantasy soccer sites offer you a vested thrill and interest in actual games and actual players all around the globe. If you’re an avid lover of the game, at the same time you have a mind for stats, then you are also aware of the serious money you can make by playing fantasy soccer online.

If you want to try it, you will find a lot of websites, which are hosting fantasy soccer tournament. Following are the 5 greatest soccer fantasy websites you can use if you want to play soccer fantasy these days:

1. DraftKings
DraftKings is perhaps the biggest fantasy site to provide soccer at this moment. The soccer competition at www.draftkings.com covers the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League. In competitions, the user will get a $50,000 salary that will be utilized to draft 8 players, which is composed of 2 defenders, 2 forwards, 1 flex position, 2 midfielders and 1 goalkeeper. The roaster should involve players from around 3 different teams.

The goalkeepers and defenders should play around 60 minutes to gain bonuses for clean sheets as well as 1-goal games. Remember that injury time doesn’t count towards this requirement. Further, the fantasy contest on this web site comes in two different formats: the multi-person tournament with bigger prize pools and single opponent.

2. Fanduel
www.fanduel.comis added to the fantasy soccer game after expanding its business operations to cover the United Kingdom. They started with the English Premier League; however, it would be great and safe to bet they’ll possibly include other leagues in the long run too. At this moment, it is all EPL at this soccer fantasy websites.

3. FanXT Fantasy Premier League Commissioner
FanXT is quite a newbie to the fantasy premier league market; however, it does not mean that this site doesn’t have a lot to offer. This website enables you to operate your own values for every player, set your overall budget, own transfer limit and anything else you can think. The user has the options to select to use the default settings or the options accessible to change their fantasy EPL league to their own preferences.

4. Mirror Fantasy Football
This soccer fantasy website is a standard EPL Game, along with 15 players, expect thy provide a lot of cash prizes. Some of the notable differences are the user will be able to have 1 European player. This denotes that you get the chance to get Ribery, Ronaldo or Messi to play for your EPL fantasy team.

5. Official Barclays Fantasy Premier League 
This site is the official fantasy game for EPL. It caters the very best of what a soccer fantasy game can offer, together with its limitations. It allows users to create a squad through 100 million budget. This site also provides comprehensive analytics and statistics of every player, live scoring updates and injury news.